Real Food, Real Flavor.  Those four words describe what we are about.  The owners, Randen Patterson and Doug Fish are pursuing our vision of Farm to Fork cuisine.

What is our vision of "farm to fork"?  Farm to fork for us is buying as many local ingredients as possible year round to ensure fresh products. We also purchase organic ingredients whenever possible, always pesticide free.  Being a biochemist in a previous life, Randen understands human metabolism and designs food that is both delicious and nutritious.  Our menu is designed to have multiple ketogenic options, gluten free options, vegan options, as well as carnivore delights.  We love to explore dishes from many cultures that take advantage of our seasonal ingredients.   Most importantly, all of our dishes have little or no refined sugar (sorry, a good BBQ needs some sugar to have an awesome bark LOL).

Our plans for 2017 are to operate Munchie Monsters in PA Thursday-Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor day, and then from Wednesday-Saturday from Labor Day until the snow starts to fly.  During the winter months we will be focusing on catering and some well-deserved relaxation :o)

To date, we have partnered with Oyler's Organic Farm,d Siwik Organic Farm, Swiss Villa Organic Dairy, and Sonnewald Natural Foods to obtain local produce and organically grown sustainable meat and dairy.  We are always looking for new partners, particularly if you are growing unique heirloom vegetables or fruits that Chef Randen can experiment with.

Our catering goals are to provide people with a party to remember. 

There is nothing better than sending your guests home after dining on a meal that scintillated their palate.  Randen is a fan of all types of food, and loves to push the flavor envelope.  We are big fans of doing tasting menus for small dinner parties, as well as office parties, sporting parties, graduations, reunions, wedding parties; you name it, we're probably interested as long as you are looking for delicious food.  

Our goals as human beings are to do our best to make the planet a better place.  In a small effort to do so, we have made our truck as green as possible, using only compostable disposables, running on natural gas, and driving a used diesel truck.  We are also trying to increase the plants on the planet too! Ask about our seed program!

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